Strøm Festival

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We always work towards giving you the best possible experience listening to our music
– therefore original 16bit lossless masters will be available for purchase directly from
us at a ridiculously reasonable pricing.

This feature is set to launch early 2019.

Cocktail Time
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Big Moves


At Riotville Records every day is a big day followed by a BNO or a GNO.
–and what better way than to start such a legendary night than making big moves?

About us

Riotville Records is a Copenhagen based record label founded and owned by Andreas Holdoe aka Snavs
partnered by his manager "Lengenden" and The Frederik.

We are not focused on any specific genres we just want to release great music.

Lets start a riot !!!

Snavs The Frederik

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We receive lots of demos and we strive to listen to everything.
We do not have time to answer everybody.

The HQ

Riotville Records I/S
CVR-nr. 36785489
Hestemøllestræde 3, 1464 Copenhagen K
DK – Denmark